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NEPRA Notification About Net Metering 

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Net Metering is one of the most liked advancements in all over Pakistan. And some well-known housing projects such as Bahria Town had started using this new technology for residential and commercial projects. In net Metering, the property owners generate their own power using solar systems and sell the surplus to Wapda. This new advancement was a great relief for the people. But according to the recent notification, now NEPRA might charge electricity bills from the people using net Metering.

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National Electricity Power Regulation Authority (NEPRA) notified on 24 August and announced that people using Net Metering might face 20% loss now. And they would also pay the bills now. Further explained that the reason for this action was due to a rise in the unit price of the Wapda electricity.
According to the Net Metering system, a house produces solar electricity and if he produces more units than his consumption, he sells these extra units to Wapda and he does need to pay the bill. Now the prices of Wapda units are increased but the price for solar units is not increased. This price difference is the reason that people can face 20% loss.
The notification of this new announcement was issued on 24the August, but it is not implemented yet. It might be implemented at 24the September. We will have to wait for the next announcement from NEPRA to get more clarity on this matter.
Do you think that this new development is fair? Or do you think that the government should support solar energy? Share your opinion in the comments.
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