Nelson Homes Bahria Town: 5 Customer-Friendly Policies for Safest Investment

Nelson Homes Bahria Town

Nelson Homes Bahria Town, a project by Nelson Builders, is a new initiative to offer 5 and 10 marla plots on installment in Bahria Town. The developer has taken customer satisfaction to heart and implemented 5 customer-friendly policies that make it a safe investment for end-users and investors alike. These policies not only protect the buyer’s investment but also offer many benefits not commonly found in other projects.

The plots in Nelson Homes will be delivered in prime locations, including the Alamgir extension, Sector G, and Sector H, which are some of the newly developed blocks in Bahria Town. This project is a unique opportunity for buyers to get a piece of land in a prime location without having to pay a large sum upfront. With the various payment plans and customer-friendly policies offered by Nelson Homes, investing in a plot has never been easier.

5 Customer-Friendly Policies of Nelson Homes

1. Joint Ownership of Plot After Confirmation Payment

This means that the buyer will obtain joint ownership of the plot after making the confirmation payment. The confirmation payment is usually made within 90 days after making the initial down payment, or it can be made as a lump sum payment. This type of payment structure is designed to give buyers a sense of security and ownership of the property even before the full payment has been made.

2. Flexible Payment Plan with Early Possession

Nelson Homes offers a 3-year payment plan for the 5 marla and 10 marla plots, but they also offer early possession in just 2 years. This means that buyers can move into their new homes even while they are still making their last 12 months of payments. This flexible payment plan can make it easier for buyers to budget for their new home and start enjoying it sooner.

3. Maintenance Services for One Year

Nelson Homes is offering maintenance and repair services to buyers for up to 1 year after they have moved into their homes. This means that if anything is found to be wrong with the house, that is the responsibility of the developer, and the cost of repairing it will be covered by Nelson Homes. This guarantee can provide buyers peace of mind and ensure that their new homes are in good condition.

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4. Fixed-Price policy

The plots currently being offered by Nelson Homes are available at a fixed price with no inflation charges. This means that the prices mentioned in the payment plan are the same prices that will be paid over the 3-year tenure. This type of fixed-price policy can provide stability and predictability for buyers, allowing them to budget more effectively for their new homes.

Nelson Homes Bahria Town – Payment Plan & Booking]

5. Transparent Agreement with Verifiable Material Sheet

The agreement between the buyers and Nelson Homes will include a material sheet that can be verified by the buyer at any time. The buyer can verify the contract with any source they prefer, giving them the peace of mind that their agreement is transparent and verifiable. This verification type can help build trust between the buyer and the developer and ensure that the transaction is fair and transparent.

Conclusion Paragraph:

In conclusion, Nelson Homes Bahria Town is a project that stands out among others due to its customer-friendly policies. These policies not only make it a safe investment but also offer many benefits that are not commonly found in other projects. With the prime locations of the plots and various payment plans, Nelson Homes is the perfect opportunity for end-users and investors to make their dream of owning a piece of land in Bahria Town a reality.

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