Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Map Analysis: Navigating with Precision

Navigating Bahria Orchard Phase 4: A Comprehensive Map Analysis

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Map Analysis

Bahria Orchard Phase 4, situated on the bustling Raiwind Road in Lahore, has emerged as one of the city’s most sought-after housing societies. In this blog, we embark on a detailed map study of this vibrant community to help you navigate its diverse offerings and investment opportunities.

Easy Approach

As you approach Raiwind Road from Adda Plot, a mere 4 to 5 minutes’ drive leads you to the grand entrance of Bahria Orchard Phase 4, known as Gate 4. This entrance serves as the gateway to a thriving residential and commercial landscape.

Commercial Marvels:

Upon entering Gate 4, you’ll notice an array of vertical building projects that define the commercial essence of this phase.

Times Square Mall and Residencia (G1 Block):

Situated on the left side, Times Square Mall and Residencia adds a touch of modernity to Bahria Orchard Phase 4. It’s an attractive project for investors and promises a blend of commercial and residential spaces.

Bahria Sky (Commercials 3, 4, and 5):

Under development by OZ Developers, Bahria Sky is generating significant interest among investors. This commercial project is poised to become a prominent landmark within the community.

Arabian 99 Mall:

A project by Al Manan Developers, Arabian 99 Mall is another noteworthy addition. Its construction is well underway, and it’s set to offer a diverse range of commercial opportunities.

Q Bazar (Commercial 7):

Located on the 7th commercial avenue, Q Bazar, developed by Q-Links Developers, is poised to become a bustling commercial hub within Phase 4.

Orchard Mall (G2 Block):

Orchard Mall stands as a notable grey structure within G2 Block. This commercial venture, developed by Q-Links Developers, boasts convenient accessibility from both Raiwind Road and the inner areas of Bahria Orchard Phase 4.

G1 Block – A Residential Haven:

G1 Block features maximum 1 kanal plots and includes two sprawling parks spanning 32 and 34 kanals, along with a grand mosque. The block has become well-populated, with limited 5 marla plot options available near these parks.

The main boulevard of the society offers prime commercial real estate in the form of 8 marla commercial plots. These plots are strategically located for maximum visibility and accessibility, making them an attractive investment option.

G2 Block – Mix of Plot Sizes:

G2 Block offers limited 5 marla and 10 marla plots, with 5 marla plots available on the 7th avenue boasting a 100 feet boulevard.

G3 Block – Developing with a School: 

Although G3 Block is still under development, a school project in the block is making significant progress. The school spans 36 kanals and is expected to cater to the educational needs of the community.

G4 Block – Ideal for Investment and Residence:

G4 Block features predominantly 10 marla plots, with a Topiary Garden spanning 41 kanals. A dedicated 17 kanals of land is earmarked for a school, with development expected to commence soon. The plots in G4 Block are attractively priced, making it a compelling choice for investment and residential purposes.

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G5 Block – Diverse Plot Sizes:

G5 Block primarily offers 10 marla plots, with a few private builders independently offering ground, first, and second-floor properties. Limited 5 marla plots are also available in this block.

G6 Block – Q-Links’ Safari Homes:

G6 Block has garnered immense interest, particularly due to Q-Links’ introduction of Safari Homes on a 3-year instalment plan. Possession is nearing completion, and a significant land parcel is allocated for school and college facilities, further enhancing the block’s appeal.

G7 Block – A Recent Introduction:

G7 Block, introduced just three months ago, offers 5 marla and 10 marla plots. Development work is progressing rapidly, drawing the attention of investors looking to secure their investments in this promising segment.


Bahria Orchard Phase 4, with its diverse offerings, is a vibrant community poised for further growth and development. Whether you’re seeking a residence or investment opportunity, this phase has something for everyone. To navigate this dynamic landscape and secure your investment, reach out to CDB Properties. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the evolving Bahria Orchard Phase 4.

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