Maximizing Benefits: A Guide to Victoria City’s Installment Discounts

Victoria City Installment Discounts

Victoria City, an emerging real estate gem, is introducing exclusive installment discounts for savvy investors. These discounts bring forth opportunities to maximize savings while securing your investment.

The Discount Vouchers

Investors rejoice as Victoria City developers unveil two powerful discount vouchers. One, adjusting into 25,000 PKR, and the other into a substantial 1 lakh PKR. These vouchers offer a generous 25% discount when paying the 75,000 PKR installment, ensuring substantial savings.

Annual Payment Advantages

Opting for annual payments opens the door to an additional 10% discount. With the annual voucher also adjusting up to 1 lakh PKR, investors can strategically plan their payments for increased savings.

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Future Transfer Offers

While currently requiring installments and pending charge payments for file transfers, the prospect of future transfer offers adds another layer of flexibility for investors.


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