The Shift from Plots to High-Rise Projects in Lahore


Investors who traditionally focused on plot investments are now shifting their interest towards high-rise projects. This change is largely driven by the Government of Pakistan’s strategic move to expand Lahore vertically instead of horizontally.

Government’s New Development Strategy

The government’s initiative to promote vertical expansion has led many developers to pivot their projects towards high-rise buildings. This shift aims to accommodate the growing population and urbanization more efficiently.

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Rising Demand for High-Rise Investments

As a result, there is an increasing demand for high-rise investments, with investors recognizing the potential for significant returns. It is anticipated that the real estate market will gradually move from plots to flats, leading to a future increase in flat prices.

Recommendations for Investors

CDB Properties strongly recommends that investors consider vertical investment options. Investing in high-rise projects not only aligns with the government’s development strategy but also promises better returns on investment. High-rise projects offer a modern lifestyle and enhanced amenities, making them an attractive choice for both residents and investors.

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