Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley: Everything You Need To Know

Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley: Everything You Need To Know

Lahore smart city silicon valley

The Lahore Smart City is a top-tier real estate project and one of the most impressive residential developments in all of Pakistan. The key features of Lahore Smart City are cutting-edge town planning, design, and civil engineering in addition to cutting-edge architecture, urban living, a smart lifestyle, modern construction, and cutting-edge technology. This Lahore Bypass housing society has received LDA approval. Further, it is being developed in collaboration by Future Developments Holding Pvt. Limited and Habib Rafiq Group Pvt. Limited.

Today’s topic is a new project named Silicon Valley that is going to be constructed inside Lahore Smart City. Continue reading to learn about the amenities, features, and location that this i.t. hub has to offer.

What is Silicon Valley?

The main concept behind Silicon Valley is to bring innovation in living lifestyle. It will utilizes technology and innovation to improve the quality of life for its citizens. One of the key characteristics of Lahore Smart City is the use of smartphone technology to make everyday tasks more convenient and efficient. For example, residents of Lahore Smart City can be able to use their smartphones to control the appliances and systems in their homes. 

Silicon Valley Location

Silicon Valley is located in Lahore Smart City, right next to the Overseas Prime Block. The construction work in Silicon Valley will start around the mid of 2023. Silicon Valley will be built over a very large area. Once all of the construction is finished, this whole area will be known to as the technology sector.

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Features & Amenities

Other features of Silicon Valley include technology warehouses, IT campuses, smart residential apartments, and technology operational offices, high-rise building including advanced infrastructure. 

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Other projects announced for Lahore Smart City

A new master plan for Lahore Smart City was recently revealed, and it includes a number of high – end projects that will be added to this society. These projects are listed below.

  • Sports Complex
  • Theme park
  • Health District
  • Education District
  • Medical Complex
  • Food Tech Valley
  • Ravi Boulevard
  • Central Business District
  • Sports District

Final Thoughts

Overall, the goal of Silicon Valley is to create a more connected, sustainable, and innovative environment for its citizens. Don’t miss out on Lahore Smart City, which is set to revolutionize the real estate industry as construction begins on its many exciting new developments.

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