Lahore Sky Mall: Biggest Shopping Mall of Lahore Ferozepur Road

Lahore Sky Mall: Revolutionizing Real Estate with Architectural Marvel

Lahore Sky Mall: Revolutionizing Real Estate with Architectural Marvel

Lahore Sky Mall stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance on Main Ferozepur Road, Lahore. Towering at an impressive height of approximately 350 feet, this project sprawls over 73 kanals, featuring six majestic towers, with Lahore Sky Mall being the most eminent among them. This project is a testament to modern architecture, drawing inspiration from Australian design principles.

Unveiling the Grandeur

The mall covers a vast 20 kanals, segmented into four innovative blocks that cater to a diverse array of needs:

  • Direct Factory Outlet: Spanning from the ground to the second floor, offering shoppers high-quality products directly from manufacturers.
  • Foodie Funland: The third floor, dedicated to a culinary paradise, features a food court and entertainment area for kids, complemented by an open terrace seating for a serene dining experience.
  • IT Block: Reserved for the tech-savvy, this segment hosts corporate offices and software houses, making it a hub for IT professionals and investors.
  • Residential Haven: The subsequent floors transform into a residential retreat with luxurious apartments, studio flats, and penthouses, designed to provide an unparalleled living standard.

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Spotlight on Foodie Funland

Foodie Funland, the jewel in the crown of Lahore Sky Mall, promises to be a major attraction. This floor is specifically designed to generate high foot traffic, offering a lucrative opportunity for investors to secure a spot for their shops and eateries. With a mix of engaging activities for children and a variety of culinary options, it guarantees a memorable experience for families.

The Vision of OZ Developers

Brought to life by OZ Developers, Lahore Sky Mall is set to revolutionize the real estate landscape of Lahore. Known for their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, OZ Developers are making a significant impact with this project, elevating living standards and providing investment opportunities with promising returns.

Connect with CDB Properties

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