Lahore Sky Mall Location, Payment Plan and Booking Details

Lahore Sky Mall: A Beacon of Modern Development and Investment Opportunity

Lahore Sky Mall

Launched on January 20th, Lahore Sky Mall is quickly becoming a prominent landmark on Lahore’s real estate horizon. In just a short span, the project has seen its rates revised thrice, reflecting the swift pace of development and growing investor confidence. Currently, construction is focused on the foundational works for the basements, with suring piles installation underway, indicating substantial progress.

Why Invest in Lahore Sky Mall?

Investing in real estate requires careful consideration of several critical factors:

Land Ownership: Ensuring the land on which the project is built is legitimately owned.

NOCs (No Objection Certificates): Verifying all necessary legal approvals are in place.

Construction Status: Evaluating the current stage of development.

Lahore Sky Mall not only meets but exceeds these criteria, offering a secure and promising investment environment.

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Innovative Features and Community Lifestyle

Lahore Sky Mall introduces Lahore to its first Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) concept, which promises a vibrant shopping environment with multiple factory outlets under one roof. This project is not merely a building; it’s a fully integrated community equipped with its power generation facilities.

A Unique Architectural Marvel

The mall’s design involves collaboration with international experts, including renowned Australian architects, ensuring a unique and modern infrastructure that stands out in Pakistan. Lahore Sky Mall is designed to cater to both the business needs and residential comforts of its occupants.

Your Investment Partner: CDB Properties

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