Lahore Sky Mall Development: Pioneering Development with Full Authority Approvals

Lahore Sky Mall: Pioneering Development with Full Authority Approvals

Lahore Sky Mall: Pioneering Development with Full Authority Approvals

Lahore Sky Mall marks a significant milestone in Lahore’s real estate development, with excavation work now in full swing. Spearheaded by the renowned OZ Developers, this project stands as a testament to rigorous compliance with Pakistan’s building code and has secured all necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities.

A Testament to Thorough Approval Processes

Echoing the successful blueprint of Bahria Sky, Lahore Sky Mall has meticulously navigated through all regulatory clearances before commencing construction. This commitment to adherence sets a benchmark for development projects across the nation, ensuring every aspect of the building is verified and sanctioned for progress.

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Innovative Construction Approach

Distinct from the development methodologies applied in previous projects like Bahria Sky, Lahore Sky Mall introduces an ambitious design with three expansive basements covering a total of 60 kanals dedicated solely to parking. This groundbreaking approach underscores the project’s vision to offer ample and accessible parking facilities, reflecting the developers’ forward-thinking strategy.

A New Venture in Hospitality

In an exciting development, OZ Developers are set to launch their coffee shop brand, initially in Bahria Sky Mall, followed by a prominent outlet in Lahore Sky Mall. This venture not only enhances the project’s retail and dining offerings but also contributes to the mall’s community ambiance.

Lahore Sky: More Than Just a Mall

Spanning over 73 kanals, with 20 kanals of covered area, Lahore Sky Mall is conceived as a comprehensive community hub. Its unique block design is poised to attract significant investor interest, distinguishing it as a one-of-a-kind project in Pakistan. The mall will feature a diverse mix of amenities, including direct factory outlets, a food court, IT market, corporate offices, penthouses, and apartments, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Invest in the Future with CDB Properties

As an authorized dealer of Lahore Sky Mall, CDB Properties invites you to be part of this exceptional development. For bookings or to consult about the myriad opportunities Lahore Sky offers, reach out to CDB Properties. Embrace the chance to invest in a project that redefines commercial and residential standards in Lahore.

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