Invest in 5 Marla Plots at Lahore Smart City: An Update on Pricing and Categories

5 Marla Plots at Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City, one of Lahore’s most anticipated real estate projects, offers exciting opportunities for investors and homebuyers. In this blog, we will provide you with the latest updates on 5 marla plots available in Lahore Smart City. With three different categories to choose from, these plots present diverse investment options.

Categories and Pricing:

  • Category A: The 5 marla plots in Category A are priced at 19 lacs. Investors looking to secure their plots in this category are advised to book them by making a 50% down payment before June 23rd.
  • Category B: For those seeking long-term investment prospects, Category B offers 5 marla plots that were initially priced at 21,60,000. However, due to increased demand and market conditions, the prices have risen to a range of 26 to 27 lacs. To secure a plot in this category, a 50% down payment is required.
  • Category C: Short-term investors can explore Category C, which offers 5 marla plots initially priced at 26 lacs. Similar to Category B, the prices have experienced a slight increase. By making a 50% down payment, you can reserve your plot in this category.

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Lahore Smart City remains a prime destination for real estate investment in Lahore. The availability of 5 marla plots in different categories offers investors a range of options to suit their investment goals. Lahore Smart City has something to offer whether you prefer short-term gains or long-term growth. Stay informed and connected with CDB Properties for the latest updates and to make well-informed investment decisions in Lahore Smart City.

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