Etihad Town Phase 2 - Balloting & Early Possession Announced

Etihad Town Phase 2 – Balloting & Early Possession Announced

Etihad Town Phase 2 - Balloting & Early Possession Announced

Exciting news for investors in Etihad Town Phase 2 as the management has announced the balloting and early possession on March 18, 2023. This is great news for those who have invested in this project and are eagerly waiting for possession.

The balloting process will allot a proper plot number with map location to the selected files. Additionally, the management aims to provide early possessions to all the first ballot members. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to start building their dream home as soon as possible.

Etihad Town Phase 2 Balloting Criteria 

To participate in the balloting process, customers must have already purchased plot files in Etihad Town Phase 2 and cleared 40% of the payment of their plot file before March 10, 2023. 

LDA Approval of Etihad Town Phase 2 – A Major Step Forward For The Project

It’s important to note that the plot file should be registered under the customer’s name, open files will not be considered for balloting.

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Other Updates by Etihad Town Management

Those who have purchased a plot file with a down payment but have yet to begin paying the installments should also be cautious, as the management has issued a notice stating that the files may be canceled at any time. When these files are closed, 50% of the user’s payment is deducted and returned to the user after 6 months. Therefore, we recommend that these clients either settle their outstanding payments or sell their files at current market rates.

Etihad Town Phase 2: NOC Availability and Investment Opportunity

Our Thoughts 

The balloting and early possession announcement is great news for investors in Etihad Town Phase 2. It will positively impact the market situation, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest. If you have a plot file in Etihad Town Phase 2, make sure to clear your 40% amount before the March 10 deadline to participate in the balloting process. Take advantage of this opportunity to start building your dream home.

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