Current Market Rates of Construction Material In Lahore

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The prices of construction material matter a lot in the development of the desired house. We always prioritize helping the end users. In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the current prices of basic construction materials. 

Bricks Rate in Lahore

Bricks can be found in three different types Awal (B Class), Awal Plus (A Class), and Awal Premium (A Class). The prices of different categories of bricks are as follows:

TypesAwal Awal PlusAwal Premium
Price/1000 Units 15,00016,00019,000

Crush Rate in Lahore

Crush is available in three different types; Sargodha, Good Quality, and Margalla. It can be bought in Cubic Feet (CFT). The Prices may vary according to the transportation distance as well. The current prices of different types of crushes are available in Lahore:

TypesSargodhaGood QualityMargalla
Price/ Cubic Feet (CFT)90130160

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Sand Rate in Lahore:

Sand is available in three different types; Ravi, Chenab, and Lawrencepur. It can be bought in Cubic Feet (CFT). Following are the current prices of different types of sand available in Lahore:

Price/ Cubic Feet (CFT)3550110

Price of Cement in Lahore:

In Lahore, cement is available in three different types; DG, Maple, and Bestway. Its price is charged per bag. Following are the current prices of different types of Cement Bags available in Lahore:

Price / Bag106010601050

These are the prices of some of the basic construing materials. The prices may vary in different areas of Pakistan. However, for more details,  you can reach out to us. We are open for a free consultation and our expert real estate advisors provide the best options for the investment. Our contacts details are given below:

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