Affordable 5 Marla Double Storey Houses in Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore is one of Pakistan’s most sought-after housing societies, known for its top-notch facilities and lucrative investment opportunities. Among the various offerings, the 5 Marla double-storey houses in G6 block of Bahria Orchard Phase 4 stand out due to their affordability and fast-paced development.

Prime Location

The 5 Marla double storey houses in G6 block of Bahria Orchard Phase 4 are progressing rapidly. Many houses have reached the grey structure stage and are ready for possession, while others are still under construction. The completion and delivery of these homes are expected within the next 4 to 6 months.

Competitive Pricing

These homes are attractively priced at only 80 lacs, making them an excellent investment opportunity. In comparison, similar 5 Marla houses in Bahria Orchard Phase 4 typically cost around 125 lacs. The significant price difference offers potential buyers and investors a substantial saving, thanks to Q-Links developers.

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Why Invest in Bahria Orchard Phase 4?

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 is known for its well-planned infrastructure, modern amenities, and high-quality development. The G6 block, in particular, is a prime location within the phase, ensuring good appreciation of property values over time. Investing in these double-storey houses not only promises a comfortable living experience but also guarantees a good return on investment.

Fast Track Development

The fast-paced development in G6 block ensures that the houses will be ready for possession soon. This rapid progress is a positive indicator for investors looking for timely completion and immediate returns on their investment.


The 5 Marla double-storey houses in G6 block of Bahria Orchard Phase 4 offer a unique combination of affordability, prime location, and promising investment potential. Priced at just 80 lacs, these homes are a great opportunity for both residents and investors looking to make a profitable investment in one of Lahore’s top housing societies.

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