Bahria Town Lahore Current Market Situation – Latest Update

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Bahria Town Lahore is one of Pakistan’s leading real estate developers. It has developed several residential and commercial projects all over the country. This blog will discuss the current market situation of properties in Bahria Town Lahore.

There have been several causes of the real estate downturn in Pakistan due to some unexpected reasons. Some of the major factors are as follows:

  • Political instability
  • High taxes
  • Increase in dollar prices

Every business has been impacted by these minor, incidental things that have affected the growth of all businesses. It’s a huge factor in devaluing properties. So, from our expert opinions, it is not recommended to invest in this period of time. However, for now, you can go for rental income. There are several opportunities available in Bahria Town Lahore that are considered the best for gaining rental income. 

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Rental Income For Houses:

  • For a 10-marla house in Bahria Town Lahore, you can gain more than 1 lac rental income.
  • For 5 marla house in Bahria Town Lahore, you can gain 50 thousand to 60 thousand rental income easily. 

Rental Income For Apartments:

For rental income, the best option is to have an apartment. Because in apartments, you need to invest less and get a good rental income.

  • For a 1-bed apartment, you can easily get a rental income of 30 thousand to 35 thousand.
  • And for 2 beds apartment, you can earn 40 to 45 thousand in rental income monthly. 

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