Construction Update: Bahria Sky Lahore – Book Penthouses with CDB Properties

Bahria Sky Lahore December Construction Update

Witness the remarkable pace of development at Bahria Sky Lahore, where progress knows no bounds. This construction update brings exciting news for investors and prospective residents, urging them to seize the opportunity presented by this fast-paced project.

Bahria Sky Lahore Fast-Track Development:

Bahria Sky is transforming the Lahore skyline with its 24/7 development approach. The installation of tower cranes marks a significant milestone, showcasing the commitment of developers to propel the project forward at an impressive speed.

Bahria Sky Lahore Strategic Investment Encouragement:

For investors keen on strategic investments, now is the opportune moment. The rapid development translates into a more extended installment plan for those who initiate their bookings in December 2023 — a generous 48 months of manageable installments. However, delaying the investment to a later date will shorten the installment period to 36 months, emphasizing the advantage of early commitment.

Bahria Sky Lahore Limited Inventory Alert: 

The project’s popularity is evident as nearly all inventory is already claimed. Only a handful of units remain available on each floor. Act swiftly to secure your preferred floor and unit type before the remaining inventory vanishes.

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Exclusive Offer: Book Bahria Sky Lahore Penthouse with CDB Properties

In a special December offer, CDB Properties exclusively presents the last six fully furnished penthouses at Bahria Sky. This exclusive opportunity, in collaboration with OZI developers, ensures that investors who book in December enjoy the added luxury of a fully furnished penthouse at the same budget.


Bahria Sky Lahore stands as a beacon of progress, and the time to be part of this transformative journey is now. Secure your plots, shops, or apartments with extended installment plans, and don’t miss the exclusive chance to claim a fully furnished penthouse. Connect with CDB Properties today to turn your investment into a soaring success.

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