Bahria Sky: Construction Update and Investment Opportunities

Bahria Sky Construction Update

In the heart of Bahria Orchard Phase 4, a soaring marvel is rapidly taking shape – Bahria Sky. With its relentless commitment to construction excellence, 24/7 labor force, and innovative offerings, Bahria Sky is poised to redefine modern living. This blog unveils the latest construction update and investment prospects that make Bahria Sky an investor’s dream come true.

Construction Progress at Lightning Speed

Bahria Sky is not just a promise but a testament to dedicated craftsmanship. The relentless labor force working around the clock is bringing the project to life at a rapid pace. Developers are steadfastly fulfilling their commitments, making Bahria Sky the epitome of reliability.

Service Apartments in High Demand

The demand for service apartments in Bahria Sky has exceeded expectations. Initially introduced on the 10th and 11th floors, the developers’ response has been so remarkable that they’ve now unveiled studio apartments on the 12th floor. This expansion opens doors for investors with a more budget-friendly approach, while still indulging in the breathtaking city views. Studio apartments start from 38 lacs, with monthly instalments as low as 28,000, while the upper range extends to 80 lacs.

Lucrative Returns on Investment

Investors who embarked on the Bahria Sky journey have been rewarded handsomely with profitable returns ranging from 10% to 25%. The blend of strategic location, stellar construction progress, and the developers’ track record make Bahria Sky a prime investment hub.

Swift Progress with Crane Installation

The inclusion of a crane has revolutionized the project’s development pace. With 40-45 days allocated for each floor’s completion, Bahria Sky is on track for timely delivery. This commitment to meeting deadlines enhances investor confidence and ensures their investment reaps maximum rewards.

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A World of Options and Online Convenience

Bahria Sky presents an array of options, bridging the gap between commercial and residential investments. The building’s versatile design caters to both aspirations, creating ample opportunities for rental income. For investors’ convenience, an online camera system provides real-time construction updates, eliminating the need for site visits.


Bahria Sky’s ongoing construction, remarkable investment opportunities, and swift progress showcase its potential as a game-changing venture. The fusion of convenience, luxury, and investment potential makes Bahria Sky a destination where dreams truly take flight. Stay connected with CDB Properties for more updates and to seize this unparalleled investment opportunity. Your journey to a prosperous future begins with Bahria Sky.

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