Bahria Orchard Mall Lahore – Location, Map, Features, Payment Plan, and Booking Details

Bahria Orchard Mall

A Bahria Orchard Mall is a shopping center that has everything under one roof. Shopping malls allow us to shop in comfort. The mall is divided into sections, each with its own population of people.

Orchard Mall Lahore

According to studies, six mall appeal criteria from customers’ experiences include comfort, entertainment, variety, mall essence, convenience, and luxury, all of which the Orchard Mall possesses.

Orchard Mall is a fantastic retail centre in Bahria Orchard. With its superb location, it provides an excellent chance for investment. It was built to international standards, making it an appealing and inviting establishment.

The mall’s amenities include entertainment activities, restaurants, and cafés.

Because there is something for both adults and children to do, Bahria Orchard Mall offers a fresh and unique place for families to spend valuable time together. Families can do whatever they desire in one location.


  • Mall is at the heart of phase 4 of the complex which includes amenities including School cinemas and an international hospital
  • Close to affluent communities and large population offering new market for Major lifestyle brands
  • Easy access from the road all ring roads Lahore


The mall is 150,000 square feet in size and has Sevens floors: the basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor, and third floor There are almost 250 retail spaces. There are over 200 various sized stores accessible due to the wide space.

The mall is built to high quality, supporting cutting-edge architectural style, and is one of Lahore’s most prominent developments.

With comfort in mind, it is effectively insulated with solar power and recycling.

Payment Plan of Bahria Orchard Mall

The payment plan for this commercial sector will be quite simple and convenient, allowing investors to invest here with ease. Following the down payment, investors will be provided a simple monthly payments plan to ease their investment. The prices of the stores here range from PKR 1,500,000 to PKR 1,600,000, which are reasonable in comparison to the market. On final payment, this project offers a 6% rental income to investors.

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Offered for Your Best Return

  • Capital growth on a square land-based asset plus
  • Granted retinal income which possible are beyond 10%
  • Experienced shopping Centre management team

Brand and Attraction

Be a part of the Orchard family to become an important member of the Bahria Orchard Mall brand in which you can promote top brands or even start your own brand and build it up, you will receive brand support for promotions and expert advice in helping with leasing and franchises.

It has an immense lobby that will hold different events such as modeling runway, music festivals, etc.

In order to spend time with loved ones, the mall has an excellent dining experiences and play lands for the little shoppers.

It is home to most of the well-known brands around.

Bahria Orchard Mall is stylish as well as entertaining which makes it a perfect place for investment and also for our shoppers to have a memorable shopping experience.

Features and Facilities

  1. Spacious
  2. Top location
  3. Deluxe Commercial Spaces
  4. High end CCTV coverage
  5. Modern architecture
  6. Quality construction
  7. Easy parking
  8. Plenty of parking spaces
  9. Entertainment activates
  10. Restaurants, cinemas, cafes
  11. Luxurious lobbies
  12. Fashion runway
  13. Creative play areas
  14. Top brands

So don’t wait and book your commercial property in IT Market of Orchard Mall Bahria orchard.

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