Urban Heights is a Commercial Investment in Bahria Town Lahore

Urban Heights: A Prime Commercial Investment in Bahria Town Lahore

Urban Heights: A Prime Commercial Investment in Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is renowned for its well-developed infrastructure and a thriving commercial sector that attracts investors from all over. Among its many blocks, the Umer Block in Sector B stands out as a bustling area, and it’s here that the investment opportunity of Urban Heights awaits you.

A Hub of Opportunities for investments

Sector B of Bahria Town is home to major food chains, international brands, and a population that ensures a constant flow of customers. It’s an attractive setting for businesses and commercial investments.

Urban Heights: The Epitome of Modern Commercial Spaces

In this bustling area, you’ll find Urban Heights, a ground-plus-five-floor commercial building developed by the reputable Design & Build developers. The structure is already in its grey form, indicating its near-completion status.

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Your Investment Opportunity in Urban Heights

The ground floor of Urban Heights offers an exceptional commercial shop, featuring 360 square feet of prime retail space. What sets this opportunity apart is the highly flexible payment plan. You can secure this space with a 41 lacs booking price, and the remainder can be comfortably paid off through a two-year installment plan, with monthly installments as low as 1.5 lacs.

Location Advantage

The shop’s strategic location in an already bustling commercial area, with 85% of the area already populated, means it’s primed for steady foot traffic. Not only is it a great investment option, but it’s also an excellent prospect for generating rental income, offering the potential for high returns on your investment.


With its attractive payment plan and a location known for its commercial vibrancy, the commercial shop in Urban Heights at Umer Block, Bahria Town, Lahore, presents a compelling opportunity. Don’t miss out on this chance to secure a prime investment. For booking and further details, contact CDB Properties today.

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