Unveiling the Latest Plot Rates in Bahria Nasheman: A Gateway to Modern Living

Unveiling the Latest Plot Rates in Bahria Nasheman: A Gateway to Modern Living

Bahria Nasheman stands as a testament to the excellence of Bahria Developers, a name synonymous with top-tier real estate developments in Pakistan. Known for iconic projects like Bahria Town, Bahria Orchard, and Bahria EMC, the developer has consistently delivered quality and innovation in the real estate sector.


Nestled along the bustling Ferozepur Road, Bahria Nasheman captures the essence of contemporary living. Positioned just 8 km from Gajju Mata and opposite Central Park when moving from Kalma Chowk to Kasur, it boasts two prominent entrances for convenient access.

Blocks and Plot

Bahria Nasheman offers a diverse range of blocks, each catering to different preferences and needs. Let’s explore the details of the major blocks:

1. Iris Block: 

5 Marla Plots: Priced between 55 to 65 lacs.

2.66 Marla Commercial Plots: Offered from 77 to 80 lacs.

Iris Block extends to open-form plots with prices ranging from 41 to 55 lacs, witnessing active house construction.

Any questions, contact us on WhatsApp for prompt response.

2. Sunflower Block

5 Marla Plots: Available from 55 to 60 lacs.

6 Marla Cottages: Priced between 62 to 66 lacs.

Awami Villas (5 Marla): Offered from 65 to 70 lacs.

Sunflower Block Extension offers commercial plots (5, 8, and 10 marla) and residential plots (5 marla) with prices ranging from 44 to 55 lacs. Extensions under development present investment opportunities from 44 to 60 lacs.

3. Rosemary Block:

Rosemary Block, an upcoming area, is rapidly developing with prices starting from 42 to 60 lacs. With two open sides and commercial plots, it promises a dynamic living experience.

4. Zenia Block: 

8 Marla Plots: Ranging from 68 to 90 lacs.

5 Marla Plots: Available from 45 to 55 lacs.

2.66 Marla Plots: Priced between 72 to 75 lacs.

Housing Options: Ready-to-Move Homes are also available in Zenia block.

Houses Bahria Nasheman 

5 Marla Houses: Priced from 130 to 160 lacs.

8 Marla Houses: Ranging from 235 to 270 lacs.

Invest with Confidence: CDB Properties at Your Service

For booking, in-depth information, and expert guidance, reach out to CDB Properties. As your trusted real estate partner, we’re committed to ensuring you find the best investment options in Bahria Nasheman, where modern living meets affordability. Invest wisely; invest with CDB Properties.

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