Safari Homes: Latest Development Status – December 2022

safari homes bahria orcahrd phase 4

Q-links Developers introduced the Safari Homes in Bahria Orchard Phase 4 in Lahore 2.5 years ago. A good number of bookings were made quickly after this project was announced, indicating high interest from both investors and customers.

Safar Home is close to the main road of the society and can be found on the 160-foot main boulevard in the G-6 block. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed update on the construction of different units in Safari Homes.

Safari Homes Construction Status

Safari Homes has not been progressing rapidly, yet construction work has been going on nonstop over the past few months. During this period, work was done digging the foundations of various units.

Safari Homes has recently accelerated their construction work and begun digging for the new units.

There is also work being done on other units. The digging and foundation work on Unit Nos. 274 to 295 began around 2 weeks ago, and work on the units’ 2nd floors has begun.

In addition to that, the demarcating process for Units Nos. 1 through 23 has also begun. The foundation construction for Unit Nos. 186 to 204 and Unit Nos. 205 to 222 will now begin after the digging work for these units is completed.

The rate at which development is proceeding in Safari Homes indicates that the grey structures of all of these units will be finished in the time that is coming up in the near future.

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Why Choose Safari Homes

Despite the slow pace of construction on Safari Homes, there was a lot of demand for them when they were seen in their reselling. The units that aren’t finished yet were sold with an additional 10 to 12 Lac own. Additionally, own was also demanded on the units whose grey structures were going to be built.

It isn’t wrong to say that this is another successful project by Q-Links developers that offers positive returns.

Final Thoughts

The end-users who have invested in Safari Homes for residential purposes will find this news to be very exciting. They can now further their hold property and gain much better returns once the construction is fully complete. 

The announcement of possession of these units will also take place in the coming time, and those who are thinking about using them as a place to live will be able to benefit from this development.

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