Q High Street: A New Commercial Deal Launched by Q-Links Developers

Q High Street_

Q-links developers have introduced a new commercial deal named “Q High Street.” It offers 6 marla commercials with a two-year payment plan. This new deal provides investors with excellent opportunities to invest in commercial real estate and secure a bright future for their businesses.


Q High Street is a prime location to generate excellent footfall from nearby housing societies. It is situated at Pine Avenue near the Lake City Ring Road Interchange. Pine Avenue is just a minute’s drive from the main ring road. The location is a prime spot that offers ease of access to the main ring road and surrounding areas.

Available Plots

Both 4 marla and 6 marla commercial plots are available in Q High Street. The 4 Marla plots were introduced a few months ago, and now they are available at an increased price. The 6 Marla plots are a new deal, providing investors with more options to choose from according to their investment needs.

Building a Commercial Plaza

Investors can also build a separate commercial plaza on the 6 marla plot for their businesses. According to LDA laws, a basement, ground, and five stories are allowed to be built on these commercial plots.

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Return on Investment

Investing in Q High Street can provide good returns on investment in the long run. There are two ways to get returns on investment: building a plaza for your business or selling the plot at a higher price after some time.

Payment Plan

The payment plan for Q High Street is quite convenient, making it easier for investors to invest in these commercial plots. The possession will be given in one year, and the installment plan extends over two years. The payment plan requires two down payments, with the first down payment of 15% due at the time of booking and the second 15% due on 25th May 2023. The quarterly installments will start on 15th August 2023. Two categories of 6 marla plots are available here. Following is the complete payment plan for this new deal of 6 marla plots:

Q High Street 6 Marla Commercial Plots Payment Plan-01-2


In conclusion, Q High Street provides a promising new commercial deal that offers convenient payment plans and prime locations for businesses and investors looking to invest in commercial real estate. The availability of both 4 marla and 6 marla plots offers investors a range of options to choose from according to their investment needs. It’s an excellent opportunity to invest in commercial real estate and secure a bright future for your business. For booking and further details, contact CDB Properties. Our contact details are given below:

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