Q-Central Mall And Residence Prices Increased - No More Pre launch Prices

Q-Central Mall And Residence Prices Increased – No More Pre launch Prices

q central mall prices increased

Q-Central Mall & Residence is one of the most awaited projects in Lahore. Currently, it is in its initial developmental phases. And according to the latest update, the prices of the shops in this mega mall have significantly risen. It’s great news for the investors who followed our advice and invested in this mega project.

Previously, Q-Central Mall & Residence offered pre-launch prices to investors till December 5. However, to facilitate more investors, the developers of this mega development have extended the date for pre-launch prices to December 25. Now, after the given date, prices of this mall’s properties have risen by 10%. It’s big news for the investors who recently invested in this project.

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They instantly got 10% profit from this project. This project is proving to be a great success for those who followed our advice and made wise investments. It’s the perfect time to invest in this mega development and benefit from the quick price rise.

So if you are looking for a great investment opportunity, Q-Central Mall & Residence is your best bet. With our expert advice and guidance, you can make sure that you make profitable investments and get good returns. For further details, contact CDB Properties.

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