Offices Deal In Bahria Sky - Good News for Corporate - Consult Decide & Buy

Offices Deal In Bahria Sky – Good News for Corporate

Offices In Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky is a highly sought-after project in Bahria Orchard Phase 4, Lahore, offering a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. Now, there is exciting news for corporate clients as a new deal has been introduced in Bahria Sky that offers office spaces on the 13th floor of the building.

Office Spaces with Dedicated Lifts and Terraces

The two lifts in the building are reserved exclusively for offices, making it convenient for corporate clients to access their workspace. Each office is designed to offer a comfortable and productive environment, with its own terrace providing a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The 13th floor offer 60 offices, with 30 offices on each floor.

Australian Inspired Infrastructure

The OZ developers behind Bahria Sky have taken inspiration from Australian infrastructure, bringing the concept of offices on a height to Lahore. This new concept offers a unique experience to corporate clients and a refreshing change from traditional office spaces.

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Booking Details

If you’re interested in booking an office space in Bahria Sky, contact CDB Properties for further details. This new deal is sure to attract a lot of attention from corporate clients looking for a luxurious and productive work environment in one of the most sought-after locations in Lahore.


Bahria Sky is a project that offers a high-end lifestyle to its residents, and now it’s offering an opportunity for corporate clients to have their own workspace in the same prestigious location. The offices on the 13th floor of the building are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and productivity to their occupants, making it a perfect option for corporate clients looking for a unique and luxurious work environment. Contact CDB Properties today to book your office space in Bahria Sky.

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