New Lahore City: Latest Investment Opportunities

New Lahore City: Latest Investment Opportunities

New Lahore City Latest

New Lahore City is a residential project offering a range of investment opportunities for people looking to invest in real estate. It is a well-planned residential community that offers a range of amenities. The project is designed to provide residents with a comfortable and secure living environment. Moreover, it is in a prime location, making it an attractive investment opportunity. 

New Lahore City is divided into four phases, each offering unique features and benefits. Currently, in Phase 1, no plots are available on an installment basis. However, very limited investment opportunities are available in Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4. Following are the investment opportunities in all these phases:

Phase 2

Phase 2 offers a good chance to invest in the A block, where 3 and 5 marla plots are available in installments. These plots are affordable; 3 marla plots cost approximately 30 lac and 5 marla plots around 50 lac. Investors can book plots with an easy installment plan.

These two sizes of plots are only available for resale and not in an open form. For instance, the 3 marla plot was initially offered by the developers for a 6 lac down payment and the remaining payments to be paid in installments over two years. Similarly, the 5 marla plot required a down payment of 10 lac and the remaining payment in two years installments.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of New Lahore City offers two sizes of plots; 3 marla and 5 marla. 

3 malra plots in this phase range from 25 to 30 lac. The payment can be paid in full cash or book the plots with a 40 to 50% down payment. 

5 marla plots provide two types of pricing options. The first types of options are available at 38 lac. Buyers can pay 50% of the total price and the rest 50% can be paid in 1.5 years installments. 

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The second type of option is available at 42 lac. Investors can book with a 40% booking price and the remaining amount will be paid in installments over 1.5 years. 

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Phase 4:

Phase 4 of New Lahore City is emerging as a promising residential project, offering a blend of modern lifestyle and luxurious living. In this phase, investors can buy plots for resale. The C, D, E, F, and G blocks of Phase 4 have 5 and 3 marla plots up for grabs, with prices ranging from 22.5 lac for 3 marla and 35 lac for 5 marla plots. 

Currently, both categories of plots are available for purchase at a 2-3 lac premium over the down payment amount, which was 2.5 lac for 3 marla and 3.75 lac for 5 marla plots.

With increasing demand and limited availability, prices are expected to rise in the near future, making it an ideal opportunity for investors. So take advantage of this opportunity. For booking and further details, contact CDB Properties. Our expert real estate advisors will guide you with the latest investment opportunities.

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