Madina Heights 4: Location, Construction Update, Investment Details

Madina Heights 4 Location, Construction Update, Investment Details

If you’re looking for a property investment in Bahria Town, Madina Heights 4 is definitely worth considering. The project is being developed in the Umer block of Sector B and is being built on 16 marla floors. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Madina Heights 4, from its location and construction update to investment options and reasons why you should invest in this project.


Madina Heights 4 is situated in the Umer block of Sector B in Bahria Town. The location is considered decent, as Umer block is a fully developed and populated area. The project features commercial shops on the basement and first floor, and from the 1st floor to the 6th floor, they offer apartment options.

Construction Update:

The project is currently under construction, and all the machinery and other working equipment are available on the site. The floor concrete work on the basement of this project has already been completed in less than a month. The estimated delivery time for Madina Heights 4 is 2.5 years, but if the construction continues at the same pace, it will be completed before the expected date.

About Developer: 

Madina Heights 4 is a collaboration between Realtek Properties and Design & Build. Their first project, Madina Heights 1, which faces Canal Road, was completed successfully. The grey structure for their 2nd project has already been done, and now pitching work is underway. This is their fourth project, Madina Heights 4.

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Available Investment Options: 

Madina Heights 4 offers a lot of commercial and apartment options for investors. Due to its excellent location, the apartments and shops were sold out quickly, and now only limited options are available for new buyers. 

If you pay a lump sum to purchase a shop or apartment in Madina Heights 4, you will get 8% rental income, which is quite a handsome rental income.

Reasons To Invest in Madina Heights 4:

One of the main reasons to invest in Madina Heights 4 is its location. Although Umer block is primarily a residential area, its residents must travel some distance to reach the nearest commercial area to meet their basic necessities. Once Madina Heights 4 is completed, it will capture a good customer footfall. Also, investors can expect a capital gain upon the completion of the project.

In conclusion, Madina Heights 4 is an excellent investment opportunity in Bahria Town. Its prime location, timely construction updates, and attractive rental income options make it a perfect choice for both short-term and long-term investors. Take advantage of this opportunity, book now with CDB Properties.

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