Invest in The SQ Mall for Your Food Court Business

Investing in Lahore’s Thriving Food Court Business: The SQ Mall Opportunity

Investing in Lahore's Thriving Food Court Business: The SQ Mall Opportunity

If you’re an investor looking for lucrative opportunities in the food business, South Lahore is the place to be. This bustling area is experiencing a rapid surge in population, and as a result, shopping malls and commercial hubs are mushrooming. In these malls, the food court areas are gaining popularity, especially among investors. In this blog, we’ll explore an exciting investment prospect in the heart of South Lahore, specifically in Bahria Orchard Phase 4 – “The SQ Mall.”

A Flourishing Food Business

The South Lahore region has witnessed tremendous growth, making it a hotspot for business ventures. Shopping malls are not just retail spaces but comprehensive commercial hubs, where food courts play a pivotal role. Many developers prefer renting out food court areas to maximize their rental income.

The SQ Mall a Mega Project for Investment 

The SQ Mall, developed by Ali Saqlain Developers, is a massive undertaking that adds to the commercial prowess of Bahria Orchard Phase 4. This 9-kanal project comprises 7.7 kanals of constructed space, and it’s on a fast track to completion.

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The Food Court – A Culinary Haven

The SQ Mall stands out due to its dedication to culinary experiences. Its fourth floor is exclusively reserved for a sprawling food court. This space is thoughtfully designed with ample seating arrangements, well-equipped kitchens, and an array of food stalls. The food court is envisioned as a comfortable, modern, and attractive dining destination.

Impressive Parking Facilities in SQ Mall

One of the critical factors for any successful commercial hub is parking, and The SQ Mall doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a well-planned four-way parking system. The basement is entirely dedicated to parking, ensuring that visitors can park their vehicles conveniently. From the ground floor to the fourth floor, the remaining areas are allocated for various commercial activities.

Prime Commercial Shop In The SQ Mall on the Fourth Floor

The SQ Mall offers an excellent opportunity for investors. On the fourth floor, a limited number of premium commercial shops are available. These shops have a unique selling proposition as they face Raiwind Road, ensuring high visibility and footfall.

High Demand for Limited Shops in the SQ Mall

Due to the limited number of commercial shops on the fourth floor, there is an unprecedented demand for these spaces. Investors are looking to tap into this opportunity for several reasons. The prime location on Raiwind Road, coupled with the already thriving atmosphere of the mall, makes these shops an attractive investment option.

Invest in The SQ Mall

Investors in search of profitable investment options should consider The SQ Mall, particularly the commercial shops on the fourth floor. The potential for high returns on investment, the promising future of the surrounding area, and the escalating demand for food court and commercial spaces make this an exciting opportunity.

Don’t miss the chance to invest in a rapidly developing area, known for its growth potential. For more information and to explore the investment opportunities within The SQ Mall, contact CDB Properties, your trusted real estate advisor. Make an informed investment decision, and be part of South Lahore’s thriving food business scene. Your journey to success starts here.

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