Grand Height 11 Elevating Investments in Bahria Town Lahore's Pinnacle - Consult Decide & Buy

Grand Height 11 Elevating Investments in Bahria Town Lahore’s Pinnacle

In Grand height 11 Investing wisely involves meticulous consideration of crucial factors like location, footfall, expected rental income, and future growth prospects. For those seeking an opportunity that aligns with these principles, Landmark Developers’ new venture, “Grand Height 11,” emerges as a promising choice.

Landmark Developers: 

Renowned for the mantra “We commit, we deliver,” Landmark Developers boast a history of successfully completing nine projects. This impressive track record positions them as reliable developers in the real estate domain.

Project Unveiling:

Situated in the upscale Midway Commercials of Bahria Town Lahore, Grand Height 11 occupies plots 38, 39, 40, and 41. Nestled within a vibrant community, it’s merely 1.5 km from the main entrance and shares proximity with esteemed blocks like Overseas A, Awais Qarni, and Gardenia.

Accelerated Development:

The development tempo of Grand Height 11 is commendable, with the basement nearing completion within a month. This rapid progress reflects the developer’s commitment to delivering a high-quality project.

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Prime Location: 

Strategically positioned on the main boulevard, Grand Height 11 promises a commanding presence. This prime location not only ensures visibility but also establishes the project as a landmark within the community.

Structural Composition:

Comprising lower ground, ground floor, and nine additional floors, Grand Height 11 is designed for both commercial and residential purposes. The architectural finesse is evident in its structure, promising a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Exclusive Offer: 

Investors have a unique opportunity with an attractive rate of 9000/per square feet for commercial shops on the lower ground floor. This exclusive rate, coupled with a 14-day window, provides an advantageous proposition for those looking to secure their investment.

Prime Location for Grand Height 11 Investments:

To explore the investment potential of Grand Height 11 and secure your spot within this thriving project, contact CDB Properties. Our team is ready to provide detailed insights, ensuring you make an informed decision during this limited-time pricing advantage.


Grand Height 11 Investments by Landmark Developers isn’t just a project; it’s an opportunity to elevate your investments in one of Lahore’s most coveted locales. The amalgamation of strategic location, rapid development, and exclusive pricing makes Grand Height 11 Investments a beacon for smart investors. Seize the moment; connect with CDB Properties to embark on a journey of prosperous real estate investments.

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