Foodie Fun Land: A Culinary Adventure Launched at Lahore Sky Mall

Foodie Fun Land Launched at Lahore Sky Mall

OZ Developers have unveiled their latest marvel within the Lahore Sky Mall – the “Foodie Fun Land.” This vibrant 54,000 square feet floor is a paradise for children and families, introducing an exciting blend of play areas and gourmet experiences. Inspired by the enchanting charm of Australian Disneyland, Foodie Fun Land is set to redefine leisure and dining in Lahore.

A Playground of Delights

Foodie Fun Land is meticulously crafted to cater to the youthful spirit and culinary curiosity of its visitors. The floor features five distinct play zones, each promising endless fun and engagement for kids. Parents and children alike will find themselves drawn to the variety of attractions, including a cheesecake corner, Fun & Fries zone, a dedicated chocolate area, an ice cream parlor, and an assortment of coffee shops.

Culinary Cornucopia on the Fourth Floor

Adjacent to the whimsical world of Foodie Fun Land, the fourth floor of Lahore Sky Mall houses a splendid array of restaurants. With nearly all spaces claimed by culinary entrepreneurs, only two restaurant slots remain available, signaling the high demand and success of OZ Developers‘ innovative approach. This level is poised to become a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of flavors and dining experiences.

A Building of Many Firsts

Lahore Sky stands tall with 26 stories, each floor dedicated to enhancing the urban lifestyle. The mall’s first floor introduces the revolutionary “Direct Factory Outlet” (DFO) concept, allocating 12 kanals to provide shoppers with unmatched retail experiences. The second floor is a sanctuary for offices and corporate entities, enjoying a tax-free status to foster business growth. Above the enchanting Foodie Fun Land, the food court floor and subsequent residential apartments offer a comprehensive living and leisure solution.

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Investment Opportunities in Foodie Fun Land

Recognizing the unique appeal of Foodie Fun Land, OZ Developers have set the investment rate at 40 to 45 thousand per square foot for commercial spaces within this floor. This strategic pricing reflects the floor’s potential for high footfall and significant returns on investment.

Exclusive Selling Rights with CDB Properties

CDB Properties is proud to hold exclusive selling rights for commercial spaces on the Foodie Fun Land floor. As a trusted partner of OZ Developers, we invite investors and business owners to seize this unparalleled opportunity in Lahore Sky Mall. For bookings and further information, contact CDB Properties. Embark on a journey of culinary exploration and entertainment with us at Foodie Fun Land, where food meets fun in an extraordinary setting.

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