First Value Deal of 2024 by Bahria Orchard Phase 4

Orchard Phase 4

CDB Properties, recently nominated as the top performer property dealer in Times Square Mall and Residencia, is thrilled to announce an exclusive deal for 2024. The developers have granted CDB Properties the privilege to offer a substantial discount on apartment bookings.

Special Discount for CDB Properties Investors

Typically, apartments in Times Square Mall and Residencia are priced at 18,500 PKR per square foot. However, CDB Properties can offer these apartments to their investors at a discounted rate of just 16,000 PKR per square foot. This exclusive right is only available through CDB Properties, making it a prime opportunity for savvy investors.

Times Square Mall and Residencia Overview

Times Square Mall and Residencia is a four-sided open structure, currently in the grey structure phase. This modern development promises a high standard of living with its strategic location and superior design.

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Increased Rental Income for Lump Sum Payments

Additionally, while the developers typically offer a 6% annual rental income on lump sum payments, investors booking through CDB Properties can enjoy a higher annual rental income of 9%. This increase in rental yield significantly enhances the return on investment, making this deal even more attractive.

Why Invest in Times Square Mall and Residencia?

Exclusive Discount: Save 2,500 PKR per square foot exclusively through CDB Properties.

Higher Rental Income: Benefit from a 9% annual rental income, higher than the standard 6%.

Prime Location: Enjoy the advantages of living in a four-sided open structure with excellent amenities.

For booking details and to take advantage of this first value deal of 2024, contact CDB Properties. Our team is ready to assist you with all your real estate needs and ensure you make a profitable investment.

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