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Exploring New Lahore City: Your Gateway to Thriving Real Estate

Exploring New Lahore City: Your Gateway to Thriving Real Estate

Nestled merely 2 to 3 kilometres away from the acclaimed Bahria Town Lahore, New Lahore City (NLC) stands as a testament to exceptional real estate development. With particular emphasis on Phases 1 and 4, this article delves into the thriving opportunities within this burgeoning society.

New Lahore City is a Strategic Location

New Lahore City is strategically positioned along Canal Road, creating a prime locale that is both accessible and promising. This location allows for seamless connectivity with Bahria Town Lahore, notably Sector F, and the adjacent Phase 3, fostering convenient access. From Thokar Niaz, reaching this dynamic society is a mere 10-15 minute drive.

Phase 1 – A Jewel in the Crown

Phase 1 of NLC emerges as a well-established community in its own right. Home to a substantial commercial market, this phase also boasts a wealth of amenities. Parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, and renowned food chain brands enhance the quality of life for its residents. The ‘Overseas Block,’ a single block within Phase 1, remains in impeccable condition and operates smoothly.

Phase 2 – Abounding Blocks and Education Excellence

Phase 2 showcases four vibrant blocks, aptly named Block A, B, C, and D. Of note, the first block of Phase 2 houses the highly esteemed Corner Stone School, further enhancing the educational landscape for the residents.

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Diverse Plot Options in New Lahore City Phase 1 and Phase 2

In both Phase 1 and Phase 2, a diverse array of plots are on offer, catering to a variety of preferences. These include 3 marla, 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal plots. With LDA approval, access to gas supply, and a thriving community, these phases offer a robust investment landscape.

New Lahore City Phase 3 – Growing Connectivity and Development

Phase 3 establishes a contiguous connection with the adjacent Alamghir Block and Ghazi Block of Bahria Town. With three blocks – Block A, Block B, and Block C, Phase 3 showcases active development. The A Block is currently in the process of paving roads, B Block is nearly fully developed, and C Block is undergoing further expansion.

New Lahore City Phase 4 – A Hub of Development

Phase 4 is divided into eight distinct blocks, with only the first two – A Block and B Block – being on-ground developments. The remaining blocks are offered in files, with rapid development taking place. Notably, the Ring Road’s construction is progressing at an accelerated pace, set for completion in the coming 5 to 6 months, with expected property price increases in the nearby areas.

Competitive Pricing

New Lahore City offers competitive property pricing across all phases:

New Lahore City Phase 1 and Phase 2:

  • 3 marla plots: 26 lacs to 35 lacs
  • 5 marla plots: 45 lacs to 60 lacs
  • 7 marla plots: 55 lacs to 70 lacs
  • 10 marla plots: 80 lacs to 110 lacs
  • 1 kanal plots: 140 lacs to 160 lacs

New Lahore City Phase 3:

  • 3 marla plots: 25 lacs to 29 lacs
  • 5 marla plots: 30 lacs to 45 lacs
  • 10 marla plots: 55 lacs to 75 lacs
  • 1 kanal plots: 120 lacs to 140 lacs

New Lahore City Phase 4:

  • 3 marla plots: 12 lacs to 22 lacs
  • 5 marla plots: 18 lacs to 35 lacs
  • 10 marla plots: 40 lacs to 50 lacs
  • 1 kanal plots: 80 lacs to 90 lacs

Invest in NLC with CDB Properties

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