Exclusive Offer: 14% Discount on Times Square Mall | Limited Time Opportunity - Consult Decide & Buy

Exclusive Offer: 14% Discount on Times Square Mall | Limited Time Opportunity

14% Discount on Times Square Mall

Times Square Mall, situated in the heart of Bahria Orchard Phase 4, stands as a monumental project within the commercial hub. With its impressive 10 floors, the grey structure has been successfully completed.

A Vision Taking Shape

This development encompasses both residential apartments and shops, initially offered on a convenient instalment plan two years ago. Within a year, this grand venture is set to become fully operational, offering an array of commercial and residential opportunities.

Limited Opportunities, Exceptional Discounts

Times Square Mall has garnered significant investor interest, resulting in almost all inventory being sold out. As a gesture of appreciation, the developer has unveiled an exclusive 14% discount offer available until 14th August. This presents a golden opportunity for astute investors seeking to maximize their returns.

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Secure Your Investment Today

Investors are strongly advised to take advantage of this limited-time discount and invest in a project that is on the brink of completion. With a diverse range of shops and apartments available, now is the ideal moment to secure your spot in this flourishing commercial landmark.


The Times Square Mall’s 14% discount offer is a testament to its commitment to providing value to investors. With the project nearing completion and limited opportunities remaining, it’s an opportune time to seize this offer and be a part of a thriving commercial endeavor. Contact CDB Properties today to secure your booking and gain more insights into this remarkable investment opportunity.

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