Etihad Town Phase 1 To Launch New On-Ground Plot Deal

Etihad Town Phase 1

Etihad Town Phase 1 is a renowned housing society situated on the popular Raiwind Road, offering modern living facilities and a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. Society has been a profitable investment option for many. A new deal of on-ground residential plots is expected to launch soon, generating excitement among potential buyers and investors.

About New Deal:

This new on-ground plot deal offers 5 Marla and 10 Marla plot cuttings, and it is the only deal of its kind available from Thokar to Bhuptian Chowk. The management is also committing that the possession of these plots will be available within a few months. Additionally, buyers who make a down payment during the launch will receive a plot with a map location.

The new block is expected to launch in addition to the five blocks that are already available in Etihad Town Phase 1. The plots will be open forms, which means that buyers will not have to pay transfer fees or taxes.


The new deal will be developed on the land that was previously reserved for a farmhouse. The location is prime, which is situated on the backside of McDonald’s in Phase 1.

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Payment Plan:

The expected price range for 5 Marla plots is between 1.20 Crore to 1.25 Crore, while the expected price of 10 Marla plots is 2.35 Crore. The booking process will start with an initial 10% down payment, followed by another 10% payment after 15 days, and a final payment of 20% down payment after 30 days. After paying a 40% down payment, buyers will receive their plot number, while the installment payment plan will be for one year.


Etihad Town Phase 1’s development has been exceptional, with timely project completion and delivery, which has made it a popular choice among buyers and investors. The launch of this new on-ground plot deal is an exciting opportunity for those looking for a modern and luxurious lifestyle. With the possession of the plots expected to be available within months, interested buyers are encouraged to arrange their budgets for this deal and secure the plot of their choice.

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