District One Lahore: A Prime Residential Destination on Jati Umrah Road - Consult Decide & Buy

District One Lahore: A Prime Residential Destination on Jati Umrah Road

District One Lahore Residential

Jati Umrah Road in Lahore is home to numerous housing societies, with District One Lahore standing out as one of the most prominent projects in the area. This blog explores the features and offerings of District One Lahore, making it an attractive residential destination for potential buyers and investors.

Strategic Location and Accessibility:

District One Lahore, situated on Jati Umrah Road, enjoys a strategic location with excellent accessibility. The road serves as a crucial link between Adda Plot and Sundar Industrial Area. Its convenient connectivity makes it a busy thoroughfare, ensuring easy access to major landmarks in the vicinity.

LDA Approved and Neighborhood Connectivity:

District One Lahore holds the distinction of being an LDA-approved project, guaranteeing legal compliance and credibility. The society shares a contiguous boundary with Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase 2, further enhancing its appeal. This seamless neighborhood connectivity adds value to the overall investment potential of the area.

Fast-track Development and Plot Offerings:

District One Lahore is witnessing rapid development, with several ongoing projects progressing on a fast track. While some internal roads are already paved, others are in the process of being developed. The society offers a diverse range of plot sizes, including 3 marla, 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, and 20 marla residential plots, along with 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots.

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Reasonable Prices and Payment Plans:

Among the available options, 5 marla residential plots in District One Lahore are particularly noteworthy, priced at 5,250,000 PKR. These plots can be booked with a down payment, with the remaining balance payable in 2.5 years through convenient installment plans. The reasonable prices and flexible payment options make it an attractive opportunity for those seeking a secure residential investment.

Comprehensive Facilities and Amenities:

District One Lahore offers a host of modern facilities to cater to the needs and desires of its residents. From well-planned infrastructure to lush green spaces, society ensures a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. For more information on the available amenities and detailed plot booking procedures, interested individuals are encouraged to contact CDB Properties.


District One Lahore on Jati Umrah Road presents an appealing residential option for those seeking a well-connected and LDA-approved housing society. With its fast-track development, reasonable prices, and diverse plot offerings, District One Lahore is an investment opportunity worth considering. To secure your dream plot or gain further insights, contact CDB Properties today. Take advantage of this prime location and avail yourself of District One Lahore’s modern facilities and amenities.

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