Best Blocks In Bahria Orchard Lahore For House Construction

Best Blocks In Bahria Orchard Lahore For House Construction

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Today in this article we will talk about different blocks of Bahria Orchard where investing today will be very profitable in the future.

K, L, M & N of Bahria Orchard Phase 2.

The hottest blocks of Phase 2 of Bahria Orchard Lahore, which also have close access from the main gate, are K, L, M & N of Bahria Orchard Phase 2.

The reason is that they are located in a very prime location. One side is adjacent to Bahria Orchard Lahore and the other is adjacent to Sector H of Bahria Town Lahore.

Sector H is a newly launched sector of Bahria Town Lahore and is expected to develop over time like its predecessor blocks and have a positive impact on the surrounding area as well. This will definitely increase the property value in K, L, M & N of Bahria Orchard Phase 2.

Further in this article, we will go deeper to analyze these blocks, their current rates, and their development status in more detail.

Block M

The first block available right after the entrance from gate 6 is Block M.  Recently, plots in this block were announced for possession and a steep rise was seen in their prices.

On the residential side on block M where most of the plot cutting is of 5 and 8 marla plots, the construction of the first house in underway. 

A 5-marla plot in Block M is currently priced between 50 to 60 Lac. While an 8-marla plot is available at a price of 65 to 68 Lac. A commercial category plot here starts at a price of 1.70 Crore and can go up to 2.40 Crore.

Block L

The next block is Block L where you find beautiful carpeted roads. The plot blocks are fully developed and ready for construction. A customer can buy a plot and start construction immediately and after completion can also use it for residential purposes.

This block also features 5 and 8 marla residential plots. 5 marla plots here are currently priced between 53 to 60 Lac. While an 8-marla plot is available at a price of 75 to 80 Lac. And commercial plots in Block L can cost anywhere between 1.90 Crore to 2.20 Crore.

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Block K

Block K is the next block in the list. Only 5 marla plots cutting is featured here. A 5-marla plot in block M is priced between 48 lakhs to 58 lakhs.

Block N

Block N is the last in our list where only 5 marla plots are offered. A 5-marla plot here is currently priced between 45 to 52 Lac. 

Final Thoughts

K, L, M & N blocks are easily accessible from gate 6 of Bahria Orchard Phase 2. These blocks are fully secure and operational so one can consider them to live without any security concerns. If you choose to build your home here, you will definitely see your property increase in value from time to time which you can even consider selling later.

No matter what you choose to do, one thing you can be sure of is that it will be a fruitful future investment. To book your plot in the K, L, M & N blocks of Bahria Orchard Phase 2, contact CDB Properties, we have the best deals available for you.

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