10 Major Differences Between Files and Plots – A Real Estate Investment Guide

10 Major Differences Between Files and Plots - A Real Estate Investment Guide

Regarding real estate, there are two main types of investments: files and plots. Both have unique benefits and drawbacks, which can make one more appealing depending on your needs. This investment guide will explore 10 significant differences between files and plots to help you decide which type of investment is right for you.

1- Nature of Property:

Files are typically a piece of paper given for payment for the land. However, you are allocated a piece of land (plot) in plots. In the case of the plot, a physically existing piece of land is allocated to you. You can visit the land and use it for development.

2- Risk Factor:

When investing in any business venture, there is always a certain degree of risk involved. Investing in files may come with an especially high level of uncertainty due to its early-stage nature- anything can happen and be unpredictable. Fortunately, when it comes to investing in plots, the risks are considerably lower; you can confidently invest knowing that your money won’t go down the drain.

3- Payment Plan:

In the files, the payment plan is in installments over multiple years. The booking of the property can be made by paying a downpayment. Then the buyer pays a fixed amount of money each month till the price of the file is fully paid. On the other hand, in plots, you can buy the land on a lump-sum basis.

4- Development:

The development of files is often done over time, as money is paid in installments. And investors get possession after a long time. In this case, the investor has to be patient to get possession and start development. But when it comes to plots, the buyer can begin developing their land right away since they have paid in full and are now the owner of their plot.

5- Resale Status:

Regarding reselling, files have a low resale rate as files are on installment, and it takes a long time to make a development. But on the other hand, plots have an excellent resale demand. The buyer can get a good return on investing in plots.

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6- Balloting:

Balloting normally occurs for files. In files, the balloting process is often done after several installments. In balloting, plot numbers are announced. And the plot location needs to be clarified. It can be anywhere in society. On the contrary, when it comes to plots, the buyer can see the plot location before buying or investing.

7- Investment Potential:

When it comes to investment potential, files have good investment potential. Over time, the prices of files go high. On the other hand, the plots mature investment. In the case of plots, the investor can get good returns on investment. But it takes some time for this to materialize.

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8- Hidden Charges:

When investing in files, buyers often need to be aware of hidden charges and costs associated with a specific file. This could pose a risk to the buyer’s investment. However, when investing in plots, buyers know all charges and costs associated with the plot up front.

9- Profits:

When it comes to profits, both files and plots offer excellent potential for decent returns on investment. Files can appreciate over time if a buyer is patient enough to wait out the development period. Plots can also offer good returns if a buyer is willing to invest in land development.

10- Reasons to Gain Profits:

The reasons for gaining profits with files are more than plots. In files, the prices appreciate balloting, possession, and land approval and with the development. However, in the case of the plot, the investment is already matured. And prices appreciate when the new development starts.

This was an essential guide to the differences between investing in files and plots. Investing in either file or plot is ultimately up to the buyer’s preferences and financial goals. Whatever you decide, remember to do your research thoroughly before committing to any investment.

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