Imarat Residences Investment Deal: 18% Annual Rental Return with Buyback Option

Imarat Residences Investment Deal: 18% Annual Rental Return with Buyback Option

Imarat Residences Buildings

Investing in Imarat Residences is the most considerable option if you have a limited budget and are looking for a good rental income option where you can start earning rent from next month.

Imarat Residences, a CDA-approved project by Imarat Group, has introduced Smart Living to Pakistan in a way never before seen. Their investment deal is also very special and is sure to appeal to both investors and end-users.

Investment Deal by Imarat Residencies

Imarat Group of Companies offers a unique investment opportunity where they promise to pay a generous rent on your investment. By investing a minimum of 20 Lac, you can receive a monthly rental of 30,000, which equates to 18% per annum. The 18% per annum rent is then paid to you every month, in this case, 30,000 per month. 

This deal is made legally binding with the use of an E-Stamp document. The company sells you a commercial space with a minimum commitment of 1 year. After this period, they offer a buyback option where you can choose to either receive your original investment amount back or continue with your investment. If you choose to continue, you have the option to renew your contract for another year. The commercial space is sold to you based on the square footage rate of the floor it is located on.

Why Invest in Imarat Residences 

Before investing money into a real estate development, investors and end-users must go through what is known as the “OADD” process, which consists of four checks.

Imarat Residences is an OADD-compliant project by the Imarat Group of Companies. It has approvals ready. The developer legally owns the land, there is a clear market demand for the project, and the project has a high reputation for success.

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What is OADD process in real estate?

The OADD process is a method of verifying the credibility and potential success of a real estate investment project. 

  • The first step, “O” for ownership, involves checking that the land is owned by a single individual or entity and is not encumbered by any pledges or in the registration process. 
  • The second step, “A” for approval, involves ensuring that the project has received all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, such as the Lahore Development Authority or Capital Development Authority. 
  • The third step, “D” for demand, involves evaluating the potential demand for the project based on its location and concept. 
  • The final step, “D” for delivery, involves assessing the developer’s track record in delivering projects on time and to the specified standards. (It is recommended that you personally verify the developer’s credibility.)

By thoroughly evaluating a project using the OADD process, investors can make informed decisions about whether or not to invest in a particular real estate project.

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Liquidating is Easy

Because of these various factors, liquidating a property at Imarat Residences is a very simple and straightforward process.

On the other hand, if you buy a piece of land on the side of the city, there are some of the problems that make the possibility of liquidating your investment more challenging.

Firstly, selling this type of property will be difficult not just for you but also for a real estate broker or agent that works with you. Or if the project’s development is delayed by factors such as natural hazards or political instability in the country.

Final thoughts

Imarat Residencies is a unique and potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to enter the commercial real estate market. Your initial investment can begin with a minimum of 20 Lac, which is the lowest amount allowed in this bracket. If you invest 40 Lac, your rental income will rise to 60,000.

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