Frequently Asked Questions About IMARAT Group

Frequently Asked Questions About IMARAT Group


Do you have questions about buying or selling a property? You’re not alone – many people have questions about all aspects of the process. But finding reliable answers can be difficult.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog post addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about the IMARAT Group of Companies. Our goal is to provide clear, concise answers so you can feel confident about making decisions about your property journey.

Q. 1 Who is the IMARAT Group? What have they delivered?

IMARAT Group is an Islamabad-based real estate developers company. During the past five years, they have constructed 15 real estate projects in some of Pakistan’s most sought-after locations. IMARAT Group has launched its first project in DHA Phase 2 Rawalpindi named “Amazon Outlet Mall.” It was a complete outlets-based mall where different brands set up their outlets. This mall was delivered in 6 months, and investors got a 200% profit gain.

Secondly, they delivered a builder mall. That was also launched in DHA Phase 2. This project was developed on the concept of building and construction materials. In this mall, you can find all types of construction materials.

Q.2 What is OADD? Who Introduce it?

IMARAT introduced the concept of “OADD” in the real estate market. According to this concept, before the investment, the investors should consider the following things:

O = Ownership of land (Developer should own the land that you are investing in)

A = Approval oflLand (LDA should approve the land)

D = Demand based. (The area should have a demand in the market)

D = Delivery (Check the delivery of the previous projects of developers)

Q.3 What is the link between IMARAT with Gharana and Agency 21?

Gharana and Agency 21 are the sister companies of IMARAT Group. Gharana is a real estate development company that focuses on selling and marketing real estate projects. And Agency 21 is responsible for running real estate offices all over the country. Besides these, IMARAT Group has another company, “PropSure.” This company is responsible for digitalizing the real estate market. This company provides all details of the property online. It is best for overseas Pakistanis looking for property details to invest in Pakistan. They can install the app of PropSure and get all approval, NOC, and land acquisition-related details online.

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Currently, PropSure is offering real estate management courses at UCP. It is a complete diploma now also offering it in Islamabad NUST university.

Any questions, contact us on WhatsApp for prompt response.

Q.4 When someone buys property in the basement, it isn’t easy to sell. What should the investor do?

Normally, developers own the basement portion and introduce their brands in the basements. It isn’t easy to resale the property in the basement. In the basement, the property is always offered on rental income. Whenever someone buys the property in the basement, he should get a guarantee of buyback from the developers.

Q.5 When we choose IMARAT, Is it an on-ground investment? And Is it secure?

According to LDA policies, selling off-ground property is illegal (Files). IMARAT always offers an on-ground investment opportunity to investors. And provide a legal agreement in the shape of an e-stamp. It is also one of the major credits of the developers. IMARAT Group also provides a buyback offer to investors with a legal document. So, investing with IMARAT Group is completely safe and Secure.

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